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Resort MICE

Bule Field

  • We promise to conduct the best team building programs that our locations allow.
  • Our three programs promote the building of communication, decision-making, and leadership skills.
  • We promise to cooperate with you in order to create an effective and sustainable team-building program.


We can hold team building programs all year round.

The Hija river and its surrounding hills are not affected by changing ocean tides, which allows us to operate programs all year round. The cancellation of our programs is rare.

Hija river unaffected by ocean tides.

The Hija river is deeper than most, and thus is not affected by ocean tides. This allows us greater flexibility in scheduling programs.

Rental water resistant coat are available

Water resistant coats are available for rent on rainy days. We have enough such coats to furnish forty, the maximum number of MICE participants on a given day.

Our location is close to several popular tourist destinations.

Our Hija river location is twenty minutes from Maeganeku Onna Village, fifteen minutes from American Village, fifteen minutes form Rukyu-Mura, and twenty minutes form the Southeast Botanical Gardens.


Through team building, we promise to further help your team to reach its goals.

All programs are customizable in order to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Needs and goals differ, depending on occupations and particular work environments. If our regular program does not suit you, we will work with you to fashion it to your needs.

Immersed in nature.

Large Group Kayaking adventures will take your group out of their daily routines and comfort zones and allow them to share an experience that is often a first-time proposition for many of the participants.


Whether using kayak or boat, our team-building experiences are very effective.

Using our three programs, we help to increase communication and decision-making skills by demonstrating, first-hand, the value of each to successful cooperation.

1. Kayaking program

  • Teammates must agree to work cooperatively in order for their kayak to maneuver smoothly.
  • The tasks we give each team are simple--such as taking nature photos or finding and identifying certain animals--but such tasks are designed to require the attention and cooperation of all team members in order to be successfully accomplished.

Common purpose stimulates clear communication and common action.
Two teammates must cooperate, adjusting the timing of their rowing in order to control their kayak. Such simple tasks offer a good start for those new to the concept of group thinking.

Our programs are designed to be challenging as well as fun.
Successfully photographing tropical plants and animals is often hard to do alone, yet is made easier when two learn to cooperate toward that common goal.

Initial failure can be an important part of learning to cooperate successfully. We design programs that will allow teammates to work together to plan a task, attempt it, fail, and try again. Through common struggle and ultimate success a sense of unity and shared accomplishment can be achieved.
The initial pleasure of being out in nature on a kayak will develop into a truly meaningful growth experience.

2. Nature observation and research program.

  • By first enjoying a scenic trip on our boat for an observation tour, teammates can begin to plan their individual kayak trips together.

The scenic trip is an ice-breaker, allowing team members to casually talk, while enjoying their shared experiences on the river together. Each can also begin to imagine the possibilities ahead as they plan their kayaking adventure to come..
On the river, amid nature, the normal demands and restrictions of the workplace fall away. This creates a relaxed environment in which everyone can speak freely and honestly. Each team member brings with them a unique perspective and strength to the group's experience: wisdom, physical strength. Each can use their unique abilities to benefit all.

3. The Battle of Okinawa Quiz Boat Tour.

  • The Battle of Okinawa was pivotal to the outcome of the war. Team members will learn its history.

The team will become more unified during their boat ride, sharing while relaxing on the river.

Fatal decisions made escaping the battl.
There were fatal decisions made by community members while attempting to escape from the Battle of Okinawa. A number of the residents of Kadena and Yomitan townships escaped to the shelter of caves, scattered throughout the area. Some of these groups, prompted by their leadership, committed mass suicide in the caves. Other groups did not and survived. Team members will learn the importance that leadership decisions have on the health and safety of their group's members.

Learning history on site.
Team members will be able to directly connect sights along the river with stories of the fighting. Remnants of military structures along the river can be matched to actual photographs of U.S. troops landing on the island April 1, 1945.


1. Battle of Okinawa boat tour + Nature observation boat tour +Mangrove kayak

  • Number of People .... 15 - 70
  • Duration .... 3 hours - 3.5 hours
  • Price .... 8,000JPY (tax included) / one person

2. Nature observation & research boat tour + Mangrove kayak

  • Number of People .... 15 - 70
  • Duration .... 2.5 hours - 3 hours
  • Price .... 6,500JPY (tax included) / one parson

3. Mangrove kayak

  • Number of People .... 15 - 70
  • Duration .... 2 hours
  • Price .... 5,500JPY (tax included) / one person
  • If group size exceeds 70 people, the group will be split and holding time will be shifted by 90 minutes.
  • The nature observation boat tour & mangrove kayak tour from our general program are also available option can be done with up to 140 people.
  • Package durations might change based on the number of activities and their difficulty.
  • We charge separately for our general program options. Please contact us.
Things that participants need

River activity ready wear, towel, change of clothes, water-proof smartphone case, if necessary.


Schedule sample (50 Participants / 3 hours Duration)



Meeting time

13:00 - 14:00


War history and nature boat tour

14:00 - 14:20


Transition to next program, break

14:20 - 15:30



15:30 - 15:45


Transition to final meeting spot, break

15:45 - 16:00


Concluding remarks

*Schedule may vary depending on the number of people and the program.

Blue Field's team building brochure PDF file is here.

Mizugama566-11, Kadena, Nakagami-Gun, Okinawa, Japan 902-0204