Dive Tours for Certified Divers

  Diving Style 2 Dives 3 Dives
Kerama Islands Boat Dives Y 14,500 Y 20,000
Okinawa West Coast Boat Dives Y 12,500 Y 18,000

Whale Shark Dives

  2 dives 3 dives
Whale Shark Dive + Boat Dives Y 17,850 Y23,350
Whale Shark Dive + Shore Dives Y 15,750 Y 21,750

Dive Packages

  Price Dive Destinations Total Optional
2 Days Package Y27,000 Kerama Okinawa   4 dives 1 dive Y5,500
3 Days with Whale Shark Y41,500 Kerama Whale Shark Okinawa 6 dives 1 dive Y5,500

Refresh Dive Session
Just add Y2,500 to your selection of dive trips. (details)

Enriched Air Tanks (32% Nitrox)
Y1,200 per a tank (in addition to the dive fee) details

PADI Medical Questionnaire



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