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Okinawa is located all the way south of Japanese Islands, just like Hawaii. Each of the islands in Okinawa has been attracting divers from all around the world with its beautiful coral reefs and a variety of sea life.

The Kerama Islands and the Okinawa main island where we operate our dive trips, boast world class reef and underwater landscapes with countless dive sites. Please go to our TOP PAGE to enter our main website.

Dive Log Archives 2011 is now UP!

Seasonal Information of May 2011 is UP! (5/27/2011)

Dive Shop Bluefield is quoted in the Sport Diver Magazine May 2011 Issue! We organized the shooting, and some interview sessions. (5/1/2011) NEW!

Check out our Private Boat Charter page with our new catamaran boat! (1/27/2011) 

Our Latest Seasonal Dive Information
May: Cuttlefish Babies Growing in their Eggs (5/16/2011) NEW!
April: Carp Streamers flying in Hija River (4/23/2011) NEW!
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January: We Got New Catamaran Boat! (1/1/2011)
November: Many Jawfish’s Nests at Inanbishi (11/01/2010)
October: Cowry Shells Mating and Laying Eggs (10/19/2010)
September: A Variety of Sea Creatures Waiting for Your Camera
August- September: Dolphins on the Way to the Keramas! (8/23/2010)
August: Caves are Filled with Baby Fish! (8/1/2010)

For our daily Dive Log, please scroll down below this section.

Photos by Michael Jimenez, Jim Winter, and Masaaki Harada



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hi guys.

there r some photos from April to May. lots of foringer came to Okinawa for diving wiz Whale shark!!
we have got tour to do scuba diving wiz Whale Shark. check it out!!

we highly recomand 2 or 3 days package tour. but 2 days package is not include diving wiz Whale Shark!!
i would luv u to c KERAMA blue!!! u can c amazing view. u have to check here :-)


Kerama Diving Okinawa

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Hy, guys.

We’d luv to show u sea turtle:-)


Kerama Diving – Okinawa

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Hi, guys:-)

We saw a shark on our dive. We had exciting!!


West Coast Diving @Okinawa

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Hi, guys.

we enjoyed scuba dibing at Okinawa West Coast.
two guests coming today. first diver n second times diver after they finished lesson!!!
n they have got some new gears. what a awesome divers:-)

this is Okinawa.

can u find out fish?

today’s water temperature was 25℃. not bad!!!
little windy today. not good…haha

I hope come again.
hav a good day.


Removing fishing lines from deep water – Zampa Cleaning Up

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to introduce one of our activities helping the environment in Okinawa’s seas.
We took part in a volunteer work of removing old fishing lines from Zampa area organized by NPO Okinawa Dive Safety Association.

Zampa area is very popular with divers, with lots of fish, including fusiliers, Napoleon Fish, tunas, and the big drop off with caves. Good dive sites make a good fishing point as well, so unfortunately we often see many fish lines abandoned in the water.
In our daily dives with our guests, while we are doing safety stops and so, we often remove fish lines, as much as possible.

Today’s mission was to remove bigger chunk from deeper water, from around 30m with many dive instructors working together. There are a couple of places in 25-30m of water with some small holes, that tend to gather lots of fish lines.  We had 10 divers working underwater and many more people from fishing society working on the land.

Using 3 lift bags, we removed big amount of fish line chunks underwater.

We will keep working on preserving the environment on the daily basis, and keep working with other local dive shops to raise awareness among divers and fishermen.


Kerama Diving- Okinawa

It was a very sunny day – another good day of diving in the Kerama Islands!

Photo by Yuto


A beautiful nudibranch – Okinawa Diving

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to show a picture of a tiny tiny nudibranch (sea slug) I found the other day at Sand Triangle of Gishippu Island (Kerama).
This little guy was walking sooooo slow, it was so small (1cm or so) that it looked just like a tiny piece of rock or something. Then for some reason, I stopped, looked closely, and found out that it was actually a tiny nudibranch!

This is a very rare kind too!


clark’s anemonefish with their eggs – Kerama Islands

Hello there,

Today’s picture is a Clark’s Anemonefish taking care of their eggs.

Can you see the eggs below the sea anemone?
We love to show ‘what’s hot’ in the ocean, according to the seasonal changes.
It’s so nice to see the sea creatures’ reproductive activities in the water. More and more baby fish coming soon!!



Diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox) in the Kerama Islands

Hello everyone,

It was Matt’s 3rd day of diving in Okinawa and Keramra Islands.

Today, we used all three dives Enriched Air Nitrox (32%).
It was good idea- we were able to concentrate taking pictures on a little deeper end, and there were so many to shoot!
We saw sea turtles on each of our dives as well as some interesting creatures…

***Today’s Okinawa Dive Site Info**
Kerama Islands

1. Nozaki (Tokashiki Island)
2. Toma West (Zamami Island)
3. Sand Triangle (Gishippu Island)

Objective: Boat Dives

Weather: Mild South Wind
Air: 24 C (75F)
Water: 24 C (75F)
Visibility: 30m + (100ft)
Suits: 3-5mm one piece


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