Diving the west coast of Okinawa Island – Okinawa Diving

Hello there,

We had great diving today as well, at Okinawa West Coast.
I had Matt from Stanford University and Mr Mizuno from Japan diving with me. We had great Macro dives at various dive sites.
Everybody is enjoying their 2 days/ 3 days diving in Okinawa.

Many nudibranches, various kinds of coral, and many anemonefish laying eggs.

***Today’s Okinawa Dive Site Info**
Okinawa West Coast

1. Chatan Underwater Ruin (Chatan)
2. Mizugama (Kadena)
3. Marina 225 (Kadena)

Objective: Boat Dives

Weather: Mild South Wind
Air: 22 C (72F)
Water: 24 C (75F)
Visibility: 15m + (50ft)
Suits: 5mm one piece

At the end of the dives today, Naoki found a big Giant Frogfish sitting among the coral reef at Marina 225.
That was a great find, and even by the frogfish, we found a rare kind of nudibranch sitting. That was very funny.

It’s too bad that my camera started fogging during the third dive of the day :P




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