Diving Maeda & Yamada – Okinawa West Coast Diving

Hi everyone, it’s Miho

Today was on and off rainy and sunny in Okinawa, you know, typical tropical weather. Very unpredictable.

It was the second day of diving with Kathy and Joe – specialists of coral. We dove Yurigahama, Chishi, and Tamana Farm yesterday in the Kerama Islands, and I took them out to our local spots on Okinawa West Coast today.

***Today’s Okinawa Dive Site Info**
Okinawa West Coast

1. Yamada (Onna)
2. Maeda (Onna)
3. Maeda Drop (Onna)

Objective: Boat Dives
Weather: Mild South Wind
Air: 32C (90F)
Water: 29C (85F)
Visibility: 30m + (100ft)
Suits: 3mm / 5mm one piece

Our first dive at Yamada was so much fun, and the dives around Maeda, including the one in front of Blue Cave, and a drift – anchor dive from the drop off.

Although they were beginners in SCUBA diving (just got OW certified), they are so knowledgeable about coral and environment, which I learned alot from diving with them. We had different perspective than our normal daily dives – we were always just looking beneath the coral and trying to find something unusual and cool!

We talked and discussed a lot about Okinawa’s current oceanic environment and coral reef conservation issues.




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