September: A Variety of Unique Sea Creatures Waiting for Your Camera

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In Summer, on the calm mild weather day, we get to dive the various dive sites in Okinawa.
Yamada, is one of them, where we have so many ‘interesting’ creatures that live in the Sandy bottom area of the ocean.
I would like to introduce amaing macro photos by Dr. Klaus Stiefel here from our dives last year.

The one above is a Snake Eel. We can find at least one for you.

This is a Messmate Pipefish. About 10cm big.
The one below is the eyes of a Flounder.

Alright, for this, you need to dive the same place many many times to find them, or, you need to have good friends to share latest information about the unique sea creatures.
Can you tell that it has eggs?

The pair of Ghoast Pipefish have been hanging out there for a while.

Here is a close-up photo of ‘funny face’ Giant Frogfish.

Wanna see some cool stuff with us?
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Okinawa in September
Wind: South
Air Temperature: between 30-32 C (86-90F)
Water Temperature: 29C (85 F)
Cloth: T-shirts, no sleeves, tanktops, shorts
Wetsuits: 3mm / 5mm full suits or shorties

We occasionally have typhoons.
When we have typhoons, we directions change a lot. With the strong South wind from approaching typhoons, we have many chance to dive Yamada in this season.

All photos by Dr. Klaus Stiefel (2009)


Blue Sky in Okinawa – Okinawa Diving

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We had a very beautiful day today- the picture was taken on the way to the Kerama Islands.

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Caves, Big Drop Off, and Nudibranchs – Okinawa Diving

Hi everyone,

Today, we enjoyed whale shark diving, and some goood dives at the Zampa point.

***Today’s Okinawa Dive Site Info***
Okinawa West Coast

1. Whale Shark Dive
2. Nagahama (Okinawa)
3. Kori Zampa

Objective: Fun Dives
Weather: Mild North Wind
Air: 22C (71.6F)
Water: 22C (71.6F)
Visibility: 25m (82ft.)
Suits: 5mm one piece + hood

Our first dive today was whale shark dive, and we headed to Nagahama for some coral and shrimp goby photo diving.
The third dive of today was at Kori Zampa – the coast line around Cape Zampa formed spectaclar underwater landscape.
Please take a look at the picture above. Isn’t it beautiful?

We also spotted many many kinds of nudibranchs today.
The picture on the right is a very rare one.

The summer is around the corner in Okinawa!



Bring Your Buddy! – Special Dive Packages

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Hi everyone,

We made some special dive packages for those who are coming here with buddy.
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All the dive packages have various dive spots including Kerama Islands and Okinawa West Coast.
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