Do any of your Divemasters / Instructors speak English?

Yes, we have some English speaking Dive Instructors available for you.
Since they are bilingual, it is no problem organizing a trip for you and your Japanese friend as well.

I may be traveling by myself.  If I travel by myself, will this be a problem with respect to diving?  In other words, will it be okay to buddy dive with other divers on the trip?

No problem even if you come by yourself.
You will be buddy up with somebody in our group or with one of us!
We take our boat our to the Kerama Islands or Okinawa West Coast even from just one diver.

I am a beginner, and haven’t dove for a while – do your have some kind of Refresh Dive Course?

Yes, we have a Refresh Dive Program.
Please refer this page for details.

Do you have Nitrox tanks available?

Yes, we offer Enricher Air (Nitrox) tanks available for Nitrox certified divers (32%).
Starting May 2010, we just began renting Nitrox tanks officially as a few dive shops in Okinawa.
Please refer Nitrox Page for details.

What kind of boat do you use for diving?

We have our own dive boat called Swift (see the boat details).
Swift has warm water showers, a bathroom, a semi-dry cabin, upper deck and benchs usefel for divers.
We use Swift for Kerama Island trips and Okinawa West Coast trips (around Kadena & Sunabe).
When we go to Onna area for diving, we occasionally use other smaller boats.

When is the best time to travel to Okinawa?

We would say from March to December is good time.
We have mild, warm weather, and calm sea- good conditions for scuba diving during that season.

What is the best time of the year for diving with whale sharks?

All year around – or I would say summer is better.
Since the whale sharks are in the net offshore, with the wind and swells from North or West in winter, whale shark diving gets sometimes cancelled.
During the summer time, we have more days with south wind and calm seas, so more chances to get to dive there!

What are the booking requirements?

Please take a look at our reservation page.

I have had asthema before – can I dive?

There are some medical conditions which you would not want to have, when you go SCUBA diving.
Please read the medical questionnaire to see if you are fit to diving. If you are not sure about some questions, please ask us for advice – you may need to see your doctor before participating scuba diving activities.

PADI Medical Questionnaire

What are included in your rental gear?

Full Rental – 3,500 Yen
Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins,
BCD, Regulator
Wetsuit (5mm), Hoodvest (winter), Boat Jacket (winter)

Can I rent an underwater camera?

Yes, we have some rental Olympus Underwater Cameras.
We burn CD-R of your digital picture data for you.
Rental Camera – Y2,500 (including CD-R)

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