How can I get to Okinawa?
Do you have any recommendations on airlines or flights from Tokyo to Naha?

Once you arrive in Japan, the common ways you are getting in Okinawa is flying from Tokyo or Osaka.
If you are arriving in Narita International Airport (Tokyo area), you will be taking a flight from either Narita or Tokyo (Haneda).
If you are getting in Japan at Kansai International Airport (Osaka area), you will be flying from Osaka Airport.

Here is a list of Japanese Airlines which fly domestic flights to Okinawa.
You will be arriving in Naha Airport of Okinawa.

How do you recommend that I travel from Naha to your Dive shop and nearby hotel?

There are several ways to travel from Naha (or Naha Airport) to Chatan or Kadena Area, where our dive shop and all the hotels are located at.

1. Limousine Bus

Departure 11:30 12:30 13:00 13:50 14:40 15:50 16:30 17:10 18:10  
4/1-7/19   O     O O   O   4/1-7/19
7/20-8/31 O O O O O O O O O 7/20-8/31
9/1-3/31   O     O O       9/1-3/31

The limousine bus stops at the following resort hotels.
Laguna Garden Hotel (35 min.)
The Beach Tower Resort (45 min.)
Hotel Nikko Alivera (1 hour 20 min.)
Zampa Royal Hotel (1 hour 25 min.)

2. Rental Cars  recommendation!

Please take a look at the answer for the next question about rental cars in Okinawa.

3. Bus

The route buses 20 and 120 stop along the main road 58 all the way from Naha Airport to Chatan and Kadena area.

Would you recommend that I get a rental car? What rental car company do you recommend?  Do they have a website?

Yes, we would recommend that.
Since the public transportation is limited in Okinawa, and the Okinawa main island is long from south to north, renting a car would be a good idea to make your stay in Okinawa smooth.
You would need to have an international drivers license (or Japanese drivers license) to hire a rental car in Japan.

Here are some rental car companies we would recommend. They provide pick-up service at the airport, in other words, they would come to the airport to pick you up with their van, and take you to their office to hire your rental car.
If you need English assistance booking your car, please let us know.

OTS Rental Car

How would I travel from the hotel to your dive shop or boat dock?  Can you provide transportation?

We have free pick-up and drop-off service between your hotel and our dive shop (or our port).
If your hotel is in Naha, Chatan, Yomitan, and Onna area, please ask about it.
However, we would recommend renting a car, because that allows you more freedom in your time, especially after your diving.

Where would you recommend staying in Okinawa?

We would recommend Chatan, Yomitan, and Onna area for your lodging in Okinawa.
Please refer our Accommodations Page for details as well.
Closest and convenient location. Many accommodations ranging from affortable guesthouses to resort hotels. Many bars and restaurants within a walking distance.
Beach Tower Resort (Hotel), Ocean Front (Condominium), and Hamby Resort (Guesthouse)
Nice area with resort atmosphere – nice ocean view with private beach.
Nikko Alevila (Resort), Zampa Royal Hotel (Resort).
Many nice resort hotels with beutiful beaches. Good access to dive sites and many good restaurants.
ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort, Renaissance Resort, Moon Beach Resort….


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