Trying SCUBA Diving for the first time?
Don’t worry – we have a way for you to enjoy crystal clear water and beautiful reef with tropical fish.

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What’s special about Bluefield’s Discover Scuba Program?

Our Discover Scuba Program is not only just a ‘quick and easy’ way of trying diving. We actually teach you how to dive, which is very important for your safety and your development as a diver in the future.

We regard this program as a head start towards your diver’s certification.
We NEVER skip any of the following steps before your dives.

1st Step: Snorkeling
2nd Step: How to use SCUBA Gear
3rd Step: Safety Tips in the Water
4th Step: How to swim in the Water
5th Step: Emergency Skills Practice
6th Step: Let’s get in the water!

Our DSD programs include Snorkeling Tour so that you can get used to be in the water using dive equipment.
You can start from just peeking in the water from the surface (snorkeling), then we will give you brief lessons to try out SCUBA.

1 st dive never exceeds 6m (20 ft.)
2nd dive (or later) never exceeds 12m (40ft.)

While you are diving, your instructor will be right there assisting you.
Just relax and enjoy underwater tour in the sun!

Please bring your friend – this course is held with minimum 2 participants.


1 dive Y12,600
2 dives Y18,100
Lunch Y600

(The dive fee above includes full rental gear and boat fee. No additional charges needed.)

Dive Spots (our boat)

Kerama Islands – a whole day trip
Okinawa West Coasta – a half day

Please bring….

Swimsuits, towels, change of cloths, sunscreen, and flip-flops.
Seasick medicine if needed.

If any of the medical conditions below applies to you, you may not be able to SCUBA dive. Please see your doctor for counseling.

Athema, Pregnancy, History of Surgery, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Diabetes, Pneumothorax, Mental Sickness, Panic Disorder, Ear and Sinus Problems.

PADI Medical Questionnaire


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