Come dive the crystal blue waters of Okinawa – Japan’s Tropical Dive Paradise!

Okinawa is located all the way south of Japanese Islands, just like Hawaii. Each of the islands in Okinawa has been attracting divers from all around the world with its beautiful coral reefs and a variety of sea life.

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Okinawa is the largest island of the Ryukyu island chain. It is located south of mainland Japan and is graced with a sub-tropical climate, similar to that of Hawaii. The Ryukyu islands boast some of the most spectacular diving in the world, with world class reefs, and temperate diving year round. Due to its mild conditions, and ease of travel, Okinawa is a favored dive spot by divers from all over the world. In addition to the island of Okinawa, a smaller grouping of islands, the Keramas Islands, contain pristine coal reefs and fish reachable by day trips via an easy boat drive. In addition to its bountiful coral reefs, the Kuroshio Current brings down the large fish, including several varieties of shark, manta rays, whale sharks, and humpback whales.

The Kerama Islands and the Okinawa main island where we operate our dive trips, boast world class reef and underwater landscapes with countless dive sites.
okinawa diving GT Tropical fish gathering around the boundless reef of soft coral, white tip reef sharks resting under rocks, big sea turtles cruising around the hard coral reef, huge tunas swimming around the big pinnacles, mild currents forming our ‘sea fan paradise,’ colorful nudibranchs mating, a school of friendly bat fish come greet to you… are just some of the sea life you can find in Okinawa. Okinawa’s ocean has formed interesting landscapes which provide many swimthrus and big drop-offs for divers’ fun, even a big hole called ‘Manza Dream Hole‘, and some places even look like underwater ruins. Caves in Chishi (Keramas) and Maeda (Okinawa) are famous as ‘Blue Caves.’ Wrecks from World War II and airplane lying underwater add a bit more ambience to the dives in Okinawa.

Operating for 12 years in Okinawa, Bluefield is a professional diving operation. We offer a variety of dive tours to match any level of experience, from the novice to the very advanced diver. If you have specific requests, our dive professionals can tailor a dive package to meet your needs. Bluefield operates boat tours servicing the waters immediately off Okinawa in half-day as well as full day trips. Our dive tours to the Keramas Islands are full day dive adventures.

New to diving, or never dove before? In addition to our extensive dive tours, Bluefield operates a PADI IDC Center, offering diver education for Basic, Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications. Bluefied is committed to diver safety and has been a member of the NPO Okinawa Dive Safety Association.

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Our daily dive trips:
Kerama Island Tours (Boat) Recommendation!
Onna Tours (Boat) - Maeda Blue Cave, Zampa, Manza Dream Hole etc.
Okinawa Local dive sites (beach / boat) - Sunabe, Kadena
Whaleshark Dives (Boat)

Other Services:
Free Transportation to the dive center (Pick-up and Drop-off)


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