While many of the dive shops in Okinawa do not own their own dive boats and share big dive boats with other shops, Bluefield is proud to have our own, nice ones.
‘Swift’ is the name of our bigger dive cruiser, specifically designed for divers’ comfortable ride and convenience. When you dive, you can see how the bottom of Swift is shaped, applying traditional Japanese shipbuilders’ knowledge and experience about boats tough with waves. It is a nice boat.
‘B-FLAP’ is our new luxury Catamaran type boat, with which we enjoy all day of drift dives with experienced divers, or have fun in the sun with chartering snorkelers.


This is our second boat, a big Catamaran boat that arrived in December 2010.
Certified for 12 passangers, but we only put 10 divers maximum.

Having B-FLAP, now we can devide divers into two groups.
B-FLAP will carry only advanced divers and do drift dives, or, depending on a day she will be chartered by a group of snorkelers.

Carpeted Cabin with a kitchen & sofa, 2 Showers (warm & cold water), Bathroom, Showerroom, Tank Holders, Side Curtains

Entry to the water:
Giant Stride Entry from the back

Areas of Operation:
Zampa area, Kadena & Chatan
Special Dive Trips to Aguni & Tonaki
Kerama Islands

Here are some pictures of the big sea animals we have encountered while cruising to the Kerama Islands. It seems Swift has a good luck – not only Mantas, Dophins and Humpback Whales, we have seen Whale Sharks, Killer Whales, and Mola Mola, which not so many other boats have witnessed. Our reports of seeing all those wild sea animals have been reported on TV and newspapers.

okinawa whales okinawa whale



When he started thinking about making his own dive boat, Takashi gathered many ideas and decided to try many ‘new’ things for dive boats in Okinawa. We were the first one to install a compressor on the boat, which gives us more space on the boat, because we do not need to carry tanks for each dives. The boat captain can charge tanks while we are diving! Also, we are the only one to have a space heating system to keep divers warm while resting on the boat in winter. Those are just some of the unique features of Swift – please see below for some pictures of your ride to the Keramas Islands!

boat-dive okinawa diving

okinawa diving boat1 Comfortable big space on the deckFor your comfortable ride to the Kerama Island, Swift has extraordinarily huge space on the deck, compared to other dive boats in Okinawa.
We have a big bench in the middle of the deck where you can set up your gear and put on it very easily while sitting.
Not only the back of the boat, we have two entry doors on the each side of the boat, where you do not need to wait in the line to get in the water!
okinawa diving boat2 Toilet, Semi-dry room, and ShowersSwift’s toilet has a huge cesspit tank so that we do not flush dirty water in the beautiful crystal clear water in our dive sites.
We can carry 1,000 litters of water – so you can use either cold or warm shower after dives.
okinawa diving oxygen Emergency O2 kit and othersUnfortunately, it is not always the case in Okinawa that every diving service carries Oxygen bottles as a first aid for divers, while O2 is a necessary first aid for Scuba diving related injuries such as embolism and DCS. Bluefield has two big 9 litter O2 tanks (150 BAR) on our boat, which lasts 2 hours. (when free flowing 15 litters per minute continuously) – enough for the ride back to the Okinawa Main Island and get on an ambulance.
okinawa diving RS_4 Not only the goods required by the government, Swift carries other useful emergency gear such as a big stretcher, 30 life jackets, 6 huge life floats which is enough for everybody to hold on.Swift carries RS-4 as a signal flare for other boats or Coast Guards in case the boat cannot run. Also, in the case of emergency, our radio system signals many boats on the Okinawa for a help.

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