Dive Vacation Packages (2 Days / 3 Days)

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2 Days / 3 Days Package (Keramas + Okinawa West Coast)

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We have made 2 days / 3 days package for those who want to stay underwater as long as possible. Each package includes 1 or 2 days of Kerama dives and at least 1 Okinawa West Coast day.
Our recommendation is the one with a Whale Shark Dive (C. 3 Days Package)

A. 2 Days Dive Package Y27,000

This package has 1 day in Keramas & 1 Day around Okinawa West Coast.
If you are arriving in the morning (by 11 am), you can have Okinawa West Coast dives on the day of your arrival.
You can add 1 dive (optional) each day, for Y5,500.

  Price Dive Destinations Total Extra Dive
2 Days Package Y 27,000 Kerama Islands Okinawa West Coast 4 dives 1 dive Y5,500

B. 3 Days Dive Package Y41,500

This package has one more day of diving either in the Kerama Islands or at around Okinawa West Coast.
Please let us decide the order of your dive destinations according to the weather conditions.
You can add 1 dive (optional) each day, for Y5,500.

  Price Dive Destinations Total Extra Dive
3 Days Package Y 41,500 Kerama Okinawa Kerama 6 dives 1 dive Y5,500

C. 3 Days Package (with Whale Shark Dive) – Recommendation! Y41,500

This is our special deal!
In addition to the 2 Days in Keramas and Okinawa, you have a day with a Whale Shark Dive!
For the whale shark dive day, the package includes 1 dive with whale sharks and one another local boat dive.

  Price Dive Destinations Total Optional Dive
3 Days Whale Shark Y 41,500 Kerama Whale Shark Okinawa 6 dives 1 dive Y5,500


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2 Days – 4 Dives Y27,000
3 Days – 6 Dives Y41,500
3 Days (Whale Shark Dive) – 6 Dives Y41,500

(Extra Dive – 1 dive Y5,500)

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