We are taking reservation inquiry by emails.

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Email: english@bluefi.com

*We do not take reservations by phone.
We have only 1 English speaking staff
and will not be in the office all the time.
Please inquire us by emails.


Please include the following information when you schedule your dive trips.

A. Diver(s)’ information
1. Name
2. Sex
3. Age
4. Nationality
5. Country of Residence
6. Body Size (Height, Weight, Shoe Size, eyesight if you need an otical mask)
7. Do you need a rental gear?
8. Certification Level and organization
9. How many dives have you had before?
10. Your last Dive (Year, Month)
11. Are you Nitrox certified?
12. Would you like to order Okinawan Lunch with us (Y600)?

B. Itinerary
1. Dates of Diving
2. Diving Tours (Kerama Islands, Okinawa West Coast, Whale Shark Diving, 2Days/3Days Package…. etc.)
3. Date of arrival
4. Date of departure

C. Accommodation
1. Accomodation
2. Reservation Name

D. Rental Car (If you will rent a car or not)

E. Cell Phone Number (if available)

Please take a look at the PDF below about medical conditions regarding scuba diving activities.

PADI Medical Questionnaire

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