The towns on the west coast of Okinawa – Chatan, Kadena, Yomitan, and Onna Area are our recommendation for your lodging in Okinawa.

Kadena Town (We are here!)

Bluefield is located in the Kadena Town.
Kadena holds the biggest US Air Base on Okinawa – off base accommodations in Kadena is limited with an exception of Navi, an affordable rooms with ocean view.
Not so many restaurands and bars within a walking distance.

okinawa diving sunsetChatan Town (10 min from Bluefield)

1. Sunabe Area

Chatan has one of our main dive sites in Okinawa- Sunabe. You will always see divers on Sunabe beach (Miyagi Coast) on nice flat days, if not, surfers substitute that place on wavy days. Along the Sunabe beach, there are some hotels with a beautiful oceanic view. Also, bar hoppers love the Sunabe area, where you can enjoy various kinds of bars and restaurants. Enjoying the gorgeous sunset and watch divers from the Sunset American hotel or Ocean Front sounds like good ideas for your dive vacation!

Also, since Chatan has a US Marine Base, there are many Americans living in the town. You would not have so much trouble communicating with local people in this town, for that they are very familiar with non-Japanese speakers around.

2. Mihama (American Village)

The American Village in Mihama is a very popular spot, where we have a big shopping mall, many fusion cuisine restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. Sunset Beach and Araha Beach in the Mihama area are local people’s favorite for BBQ and enjoying Orion Beer.
Staying at Hamby Resort and meet people, or enjoying relaxing private beach at Beach Tower- you have a wide selection of how you enjoy your stay in Okinawa.
Getting around Chatan town, you would not need rental cars (of course, it’s nice to have one though). You can rent bicycles at Hamby Resort.

Hamby Resort Y2,000 (Shared) Y3,500 (Private room) (Mihama)

Affortable Inns
Sunset American Y3,675 (Single) Y5,460 (Double) (Sunabe)

Ocean Front Y3,980-5,000 (depending on the room) (Sunabe)
Hamagawa Lodge Y8,000 (2PAX) Y10,000 (3PAX) (Sunabe)

Resort Hotels
The Beach Tower Okinawa (Mihama)
Teracce Garden Mihama Resort Y15,750- (per person) (Mihama)

zakimi catsle okinawaYomitan Village (10-15 min from Bluefield)

Located in between Kadena and Onna, Yomitan boasts beautiful landscapes, gorgeous
beaches, and its historical places for visitors. Zakimi Castle is one of the biggest castles in Okinawa, certified as World Heritage, made in 15th Century. You can enjoy Okinawan traditional pottery in the Yachimun Village. Close by Royal Hotel is the US Torii Station, and Nikko Alivila offers spectacular ocean view with beautiful Nirai Beach, where you can even see the Kerama Islands on a sunny nice day. Very laid back, rural, and relaxing town.
Getting around Yomitan area, you will need to rent cars.

Royal Hotel Y6,800 (1PAX) Y9,000 (2PAX)

Resort Hotels
Nikko Alivila

Maeda okinawa divingOnna Village (20 min from Bluefield)

Onna has everything you would need for your ‘vacation in a resort.’ Maeda’s Blue Cave is nice for snorkeling and diving, as well as just taking a walk in the park to take beautiful shots of East China Sea and the cliff. Not only Maeda, but there area also countless dive sites along the coast line of Onna. Staying in Onna, you will have a good access to all the sightseeing places like Manzamo (by the way, you will love the breathtaking view from this steep cliff!) and to the dive sites all around the Okinawa.
Getting around Onna, you will need to rent cars or hire a taxi. Driving the coast line of Onna is superb.

Resort Hotels
Renaissance Resort Okinawa
Moon Beach Hotel
Manza Beach Hotel & Resort

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