If you would like to dive with whale sharks for sure, this is the one for you. You can dive with two whale sharks in a fishing net here and observe their lunch time. There are a bunch of double-lined fusiliers and rainbow runners trying to catch the leftovers.

The top of the net is about 3-5m deep. You will get in from a small entrance into the net, which is 30m wide and 18m deep.

This is an unusual style of diving, where you get in a huge fishing net set underwater.
For safety reasons we ask everybody to dive at least once with us to familiarize your diving style to the enclosed sea net environment.

Therefore, we only offer 2 dive package for Whale Shark Dive Day.
The 2 dive package includes 1 check dive & 1 Whale Shark Dive.

In summer, our check dive in the morning is usually at Maeda Blue Cave or Zampa Cave, and you can add one more dive before Whale Shark Dive if you would like (additional Y5,500).

Price and Boat Schedule (2 divers minimum)

2 dives Y17,850 (Whale Shark Dive + 1 Check dive)

8:00 Meeting at the Dive Shop
9:00  1 Check Dive (normal reef dive in Onna area)
10:30  Optional 2nd Dive (Y5,500+)
Lunch Time
PM Departure 14:30- Whale Shark Dive
16:00 Return to the Dive Shop

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