Okinawa West Coast (Onna, Sunabe, Kadena)

Stunning drop-offs , caves, and underwater ruins

Okinawa’s ocean and island geology have combined to form magnificent underwater landscapes. Okinawa Main Island’s west coast has a beautiful coast line with full of dive sites.

Huge sea walls, plunging over a hundred feet are exciting to dive. The ocean has sculpted the sunken landscape and divers can explore many caverns, swim-through. You will find many sea fans which favors to grow in mild currents, pygmy seahorses are common here, and just going through the caves itself is so much fun!
Dive Sites in Zampa Area:
Zampa Light House, Bolo Point, Mishiragi, Nagahama, Kouri Zampa

There is even one of our most popular dives called the “Manza Dream Hole,” which is a hole in the reef that descends for5 m before opening up on a reef wall at 26 meters. Divers must swim through a virtual curtain of fish which constantly swim around the exit. Only for Advanced Divers or higher.

Some of the dives we take even look like underwater ruins and are being investigated by premier archeologists.

If you are interested in cave diving, a cave in Maeda (Okinawa) is famous as ‘Blue Cave,’ which is very accessible from beginners.  Since the cave is half submerged and half in air, even snorkelers or first time divers (Discover Scuba Diving Program) can get in. The reason why it’s called ‘Blue Cave’ is that the sunshine coming through the entrance of the cave is reflected by the white sandy bottom in the cave, thus showing very blue color in the water. It’s beautiful.
In the cave, we find small creatures like Rock Shrimps, Pipe Fish, Morray Eels and the like.

Sunabe is the Mecca for all the local divers in Okinawa for its accessibility. Sunabe’s rich soft coral reef is home for numerous sea lives, including anemone fish, cuttlefish, damselfish, and sea snakes. Also, Sunabe is drawing more and more attention these days for its landscapes which look like a part of Underwater Ruins from thousands years ago.
Recently, our Bluefield crew found a nice new dive spot where we have huge reef of thousands of big hard coral. The area is close to where US Forces landed during the WWII, therefore, we find a bunch of bullets, sea mines, and surprisingly, Coca Cola bottles from 1945. (The Photo on the left by Jim Winter, 2009)
Dive Spots in Sunabe Area:
Sunabe, Chatan Ruin, Runway #0

Kadena is our home ground. Just 5 minutes boat ride with Swift, you can enjoy various dive sites with very rich soft & hard coral reef, anemone fish paradice, goby paradice, fish houses full of bat fish, and huge table coral creating home for cute little gobies. One dive spot called Marina 225 is named after a big table coral, which is 225cm wide!

Inanbishi in winter has numerous varieties of Nudibranch all over – sea slug lovers can easily spend 3 dives over there. (The photo on the right is by Mike Jimmenez, 2010)
Dive Spots in Kadena:
Inanbishi, Red Marker, Fish House, Green Marker, Marina 225


Price and Boat Schedule

2 dives Y12,500
3 dives Y18,000

8:00 Meeting up at the Dive Shop
9:00 Boat Departure 1 st Dive
10:30 2nd  Dive
Lunch Time
13:00 3rd Dive (Optional)
15:30-16:00 Return to the Dive Shop

If you are not certifed to dive yet, please see our Discover Scuba Diving & Snorkeling page.

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