Here are our company policies regarding dive styles & reservation.
What matters for us most is SAFETY, then HAVING FUN, that will lead SATISFYING DIVES.
Please read before making reservation.
Feel free to ask us questions!!

1. Towards Reservation
We need to know detailed information about you and your group members, including your itinerary, certification level, and dive experience.
Please provide all of the information asked on Reservation Page.

2. Refresh Dive Session
To prevent underwater accidents, Dive Shop Blue Field has very strict company rules. We recommend it for all divers who have not dived for more than 6 months. In the session, you will practice some basic underwater skills. We strongly recommend the session if you will make a whale shark dive.
*Please take a look at our Refresh Dive Session Page.

3. The Day Before your Diving
We will leave a message at your hotel on the day before. We will give you very important information including meeting time. Please make sure to get the message.
*Please let us know if you are not staying in hotels. We will think about other way of communication.

4. In the Morning of Diving
If you are obviously hang over, or look very unhealthy, we may cancel your dives. Please avoid drinking too much or overworking the night before, and have a good sleep and food.

5. Certification Card and Dive Logbook
If you are joining our dive trips for certified divers, we need to see your certification card.
Please bring it with you – for that sometimes it’s hard for us to confirm your certifications issued by non-PADI dive agencies or certifications issued outside Japan, before your dives in the morning.
If we cannot confirm that you are certified, even if you have over 100 dives or so, we have to take you for Discover Scuba Diving Program, which is limited to 12m depth.

6. Doctor’s Certificate
If you have YES to any of the questions listed in the PADI Medical Questionnaire Form, you will need your doctor’s (preferably someone who is knowledgeable about  hyperbaric medicine) note or official health certificate with his/ her signature.
*This applies to anybody over 60 years old.

7. Be a DAN Member!
We strongly recommend anybody who dives to join Diver’s Alert Network, for obtaining important information and insurance for hyperbaric chamber treatments.
*Divers Alert Network (US) Webpage

8. Weather Condition & Dive Site
We always do our best to accommodate your dive request. However, with bad weather conditions, we may not be able to have the dives that you wished for.
*The dive tours may be cancelled  in the morning, or at the dive site, if the boat captain or the dive master think it is hard to have safe and fun dives.
*We will try our best to let you know the current condition and our perspective on it to discuss change of dive plans or  possible cancellation.

9. Cancellation Policy
We do not charge cancellation fee for your reservation.
However, we would like to ask for your courtesy of  letting us know your cancellation at the earliest on your convenience, possibly at least 2 days before your reserved dive tour date.

10. Withdrawal from Dive Trips / Courses
The dive instructor holds a right to ask you to withdraw from your dive trips with the following behaviors / conditions.
-You look obviously hang-over / sick
-You do not take the instructor’s advice which can interfere dive safety
-Your behavior is interfering other diver’s safety
-You get lost from the dive group constantly

Thank you for your time to read this!
We are always doing our best to promise safe & fun dives in Okinawa!!

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