Kerama Islands (Boat Dives / 1 Day) Recommendation!!

Diving in a crystal clear water with turtles and sharks! (Above photos courtesy of Jim Winter & Mike Jimenez)

The Kerama Islands, a grouping of 20 islands including big inhabited ones like Zamami, Tokashiki, and some uninhabited islands like Kurosima, Maejima, are the home of many spectacular dive sites including some with gently flowing nutrient rich current. This mild-to-high current flows over beautiful reefs full of colorful giant sea fans and clouds of multi-colored reef fish. Drift diving tours, led by our experienced guides will lead you through these sea fan paradises as the gentle current sweeps you along.

On any of these dives, you can come in for a close look at the reef life where you can spy colorful nudibranchs as they crawl over the reef. Schools of friendly bat fish come to greet our divers. On occasion, you can spot any of our many varieties of rays, as they seem to float effortlessly in the current, searching for food, or rest on the sea bottom covered in sand.

Sharks and turtles are seen all year around, countless types of coral are home to many tropical fish as well as small creatures like nudibranchs, shrimps, and crabs for example. Moray eels are peeking outside for hunting, sweepers are hiding in the caves, pigmy seahorses are hanging onto beautiful colorful sea fans. From ‘Wide’ to ‘Macro’, Kerama can satisfy all the underwater photographers’ needs. Adventurous divers would love all the pinnacle dives and caves.

The picture on the right from a dive site called ‘Chishi’, where you can enjoy healthy coral reefs, sharks, and big caves. (Picture by Masanori Harada)

Kerama Dive Site Information

Here is a map of the dive sites that we visit often.
There are literally countless dive sites in the Kerama Islands, so there are even more dive sites.

We choose the dive sites according to your request, dive skill levels, and the weather conditions. Most of the dive sites in the Keramas do not have strong currents, but some do. For example, Twin Rocks, Ugan, Manta Point, Uchizan, Jizuru, Unze are very nice dive sites with dynamic landscapes, but only offered for experienced divers.

The picture on the left was taken at Chishi Blue Cave on Zamami Island.
There are many dive spots around Zamami Island with dynamic seascapes with caves, crevasse, and swimthrus.
(Picture by Mike Jimenez)

Gishippu Island boasts the very high chance to see sea turtles, which includes Green Sea Turtles, Red Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles.

Click the following list to get more information on the dive spots in the Kerama Islands.

Kuroshima Island (Twin Rocks, Hija Bay, Kuroshima South…)
Gishippu Island (Coral Garden, Turtle Bay, Sea Fan Paradise…)
Tokashiki Island (Nozaki, Ariga Cable, Tokashiki No.2, Muchizuni…)
Zamami Island (Chishi Blue Cave, Toma, Dragon Lady, Kuromaezaki…)
Chiibishi (Labyrinth, Nagannu Turtle Reef…)

Kerama Dive Log

We has partnaership with some diving service that go to Kerama Islands. We take a ride with them either from the Kadena or Chatan marina.

Please prepare some snacks for yourself.

okinawa diving kerama

Price and Boat Schedule

2 dives Y14,500
3 dives Y20,000
Lunch Y600

8:00 Meeting up at the dive shop
9:00 Boat Departure
10:30 1st Dive
12:15 2nd Dive
13:00 Lunch Time
14:00 3rd Dive
17:00 Back to the port

If you are not certifed to dive yet, please see our Discover Scuba Diving & Snorkeling page.

Please take a look at the PADI Medical Questionnaire below, before signing up for the dive trips. If you have YES for any of the questions listed, please counsel with your home doctor and obtain a paperwork if your health condition fit to Scuba Diving.

PADI Medical Questionnaire

Refresh Dive Session
Just add Y2,500 to your selection of dive trips. (details)

Enriched Air (Nitrox)
We have 32% Nitrox tanks available for Y1,200 per a tank (details).


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