Enriched Air (Nitrox)

Dive Shop Bluefield is now officially permitted to own, use, and sell Enriched Air (Nitrox) tanks in Okinawa.

Now offering – EANx 32% (Oxygen 32%, Nitrogen 68%)

Use of Nitrox for scuba diving activity is very common all over the world for extending your time in the water and for safer diving. However, because of very strict laws in Okinawa regarding the handling of Oxygen, none of the Japanese dive shops on the island were able to have Enriched Air filling systems in Okinawa. It was only US Military personnel who were diving Nitrox freely here.

However, after years of discussions with the government, getting all the required permissions, equipment, and facilities, we are now licensed to offer Nitrox tanks for divers.

Advantages of using Enriched Air (Nitrox)

- If it’s available, why not using it?
Compared to normal Air tanks (21% Oxygen, 79% Nitrogen), Enriched Air has more Oxygen and less Nitrogen, which can extend your no decompression time in the water.
You will be able to stay longer in the deeper water (within the limit of O2 limit) and be able to get back in the water sooner.
Also, because of having less Nitrogen in the tanks, many users of Nitrox say that they feel less tired after multiple dives – especially after multiple days of diving (the effect may vary depending on person).
If you are planning your dive vacation in Okinawa, spending more than just a day, using Nitrox is a very good idea, for preventino of DCS (Decompression Sickness) especially when you are flying out from Okinawa the day after your diving. (Get more info on Enriched Air Diver on PADI Website)

What you need

1. Enriched Air Diver Certification Card to show that you are certified to dive with Nitrox
2. Regulators (overhauled for Nitrox use – ask us for details)
3. Dive Computer
*You can rent our Nitrox regulators and dive computers as well (Y1,000 a day)


Nitrox tank rental
Y1,200 per tank

Regulator & Dive Computer
Set rental Y1,000 a day

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