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All of our diving tours are guided dives, where our experienced dive instructors show you the best part of the Okinawa ocean. Our diving style is not only just taking you in the water and come back safely. We would like you to see much of the marine life in Okinawa and learn what is special here and how they live.

okinawa diving coral reef
aprvd Dive Shop Registration – We are a fully legal diving operator.

Bluefield has been formally registered as a scuba diving provider to the local government and the police. Also, we are a member of Okinawa Marine Safety Bureau and recognized as grade AA diving service. Every single dive guides & instructors of Bluefield has Sensuishi license which is mandatory all over in Japan.

Having the registrations and licenses does not necessarily grantee the safe diving operation, however, we think that ‘doing everything RIGHT’ is a way to show respect for our guest divers.

gid_l PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Resort

Providing high quality diving services and training, Bluefield is recognized as 5 Star Dive Resort by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and allowed to organize and schedule our own Instructor Development Courses.
mark Our Efforts for Diving Safety

Not only inside Bluefield’s staff, but also among the diving services in Okinawa, we have been actively participated to safety training sessions to pursue our goals – Safe and Fun Diving. As a committee of NPO Okinawa Dive Safety Association, we have taken part in the training with the local Coast Guard, CPR training, Emergency Oxygen Provider trainings, and much more.

Okinawa diving safety

Our Dive Instructors

All of Bluefield’s dive instructors and dive guides are licensed by the Japanese Government to work underwater (‘Sensuishi’ License), and certified by PADI or NAUI as scuba diving instructors. Also, all of us have been registered as ‘Guide Divers’ to the local government and the police.
Before diving with customers, new dive guides need to complete at least one month internship to make sure that we can always provide fun, safe, and high quality diving experience to the customers.

Okinawa Diving Sound Devices We carry all of the following safety gear to prepare for unexpected circumstances – SMB (Surface Marker Buoy), sound alert devices, dive lights, and mirrors. When having drift diving, our dive guides carry RS-4 (signal flare).


Emergency Equipments

okinawa diving Oxygen Unfortunately, it is not always the case in Okinawa that every diving service carries Oxygen bottles as a first aid for divers, while O2 is a necessary first aid for Scuba diving related injuries such as embolism and DCS. Bluefield has two big 9 litter O2 tanks (150 BAR) on our boat, which lasts 2 hours. (when free flowing 15 litters per minute continuously) – enough for the ride back to the Okinawa Main Island and get on an ambulance. okinawa diving oxygen

Towards Prevention of Dive Accidents-

Diver’s Health Check and Dive Logs

We always have a brief health check time in the morning to see if you are fit and healthy to dive. This gives you a chance for you to re-consider your physical conditions before having scuba diving activities.

Also, we keep detailed records of each single dives we operate everyday. We are proud to say that we operate very safe dive activities, and keeping these records can be helpful in an unexpected circumstances.

okinawa diving beach clean up

Preserving the Beautiful Reef in Okinawa

Okinawa Islands are surrounded by extraordinary beautiful coral reef. However, it is true that some areas have been damaged by the raising water temperature and massive outbreak of crown-of-thorns starfish in 1998. The environment in the Okinawa ocean is changing because of the global warming and pollution, just like what is going on everywhere else.
Bluefield has been playing an important role in volunteering to crown-of-thorns cleanups and beach cleanups. Also, when we teach certification courses, we emphasize that we, divers should not harm the oceanic environment by, for example, touching the sea animals, landing on the bottom of the ocean, and breaking coral by not storing our gages properly or by kicking them.

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