okinawa diving mihoMiho Yamazaki

English Speaking Chief Instructor
Instructor No -49015
Sensuishi License No – 40013489051
Dive Experience 5 years

Bluefield’s bilingual instructor. Having lived in Hawaii for four years, Miho got fascinated too much by laid-back islands’ living style, which brought her to Okinawa’s ocean. Her favorite dives are dynamic ‘wide-angle’ dives of beautiful reefs surrounding Kuroshima, in the Kerama Islands. She knows exactly where big sharks are hiding, and where to find sea turtles. Also, her good eyes always find little interesting creatures like Orangutan Crabs, or tiny cleaner shrimps as well.

okinawa diving watanabeNoboru Watanabe

Chief Instructor / Boat Captain
Instructor No -807569
Sensuishi License No – 12010440751
Dive Experience 16 years

Noboru knows Okinawa’s ocean all around. Having worked in many islands in Okinawa, he has acquired skills to find many kinds of animals. He has very concise and detailed maps of all the dive sites in his head. His knowledge about the ocean and marine animals is so rich that he could write a book! As a chief instructor, he always teaches young instructors how to make our service better to offer fun and safe diving experience. Noboru has dove with Graham Hancock when he came to Okinawa to see Chatan Underwater Ruins on 1999.

okinawa diving domonNaoji Domon

PADI Course Director
Instructor No -805017
Sensuishi License No – 12014652861
Dive Experience 19 years

Naoji Domon is our enthusiastic Course Director. He is always busy organizing PADI Instructor Development Courses for people who want to work in the diving field as instructors. At the same time, he absolutely loves guiding divers and teaching various scuba courses. His motto is that we can always learn from everyday experience of diving work and bring back many ideas to brush up our teaching skills. Naoji used to be a helicopter mechanic, before he became a dive instructor.

okinawa diving akiraAkira Taketomi

PADI Instructor
Instructor No -821596
Sensuishi License No – 12034775401
Dive Experience 6 years

Although his English is not perfect, he always tries to talk with foreign visitors. His diving skills and knowledge about dive sites are very excellent – you will be amazed to see his skin diving skills. When you get on Swift, you will find dive site maps which Akira has drawn. He dives most among our instructors – he knows what is going on in the ocean concisely. Ask him about ‘Catch of the Day’!

mizuno3Takashi Mizuno

Owner / Boat Captain
Instructor No -805273
Sensuishi License No – 40004660071
Dive Experience 19 years

Takashi Mizuno founded Bluefield on 1997. He always has lots of ideas about making diving activities better and making a comfortable dive cruiser. Our boat, Swift, is transforming every year because of his renovation. He has been at an important position among dive leaders in Okinawa – he is always eager to train not only Bluefield’s staff but also other dive instructors to operate boat diving safely. He is also a professional underwater photographer, whose photos appear dive magazines in Japan often.

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