Refresh Your Scuba Diving Skills

You haven’t been diving for a while?
You worry about your diving skills?
Don’t worry, we have this Refresher Course to get you back on the track, before enjoying the beautiful ocean.
We can spend your first dive of the day before having fun dives the rest of the day.
Having this session makes a big difference for your dive skills!
It makes it easy for you to dive the rest of the day.

Refresher Course
Adding Y2,500 to your selection of dive trips


Who Needs Refresh Diving Course?

Some Examples to see if you need to take this course

If one of the following applies to you, we would strongly recommend taking this refresh dive session as the first dive of the day.

- This is your first dive after training dives
- It’s been longer than 1 year after your last dive
- Your dive experience is less than 15 tanks
- You don’t remember how to set up your gear
- You don’t remember how the buoyancy works in the water
- You think you need to ask a bunch of questions before diving

Here are the examples of skills we go over with you.

1. Setting up your gear
2. Buddy Check
3. Entry / Exit
4. Tips for Buoyancy Control
5. Breathing Control
6. Mask Clearing
7. Regulator Clearing / Recovery
8. Checking Air Gage
9. Emergency Skills (Sharing Air / CESA)
10. Finning Techniques

(Depending on your skill level and what you remember, your instructor will pick the skills for you.)

How would this course be held?

We spend your first dive of the day for this Refresh Diving Session.
You can combine your refresh dive with our dive trips.
We will have a brief counseling session in the morning to determine your skill level and comfort level of diving, and spend the first dive reviewing what you need to remember and practice.
After completing the session, we spend the rest of the day having fun in the water!

Example: Kerama Islands Dive Trip 3 dives Y20,000
1st Dive – Refresh Dive Session (Y2,500 UP)
2nd Dive – Fun Dive
3rd Dive – Fun Dive

Total Y22,500

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