Kuroshima Dives (Kerama Islands, Okinawa)

It was very warm day with south wind, which enabled us to dive the north side of Kuroshima – our favorite drop off and beautiful coral reef, with a bunch of colorful fish.

*** Today’s Dives ***
Kerama Islands
1. Twin Rocks (Kuroshima Island)
2. Hija Bay (Kuroshima Island)
3. Kamigu (Gishippu Island)

Objective: Fun Dives
Weather: Windy
Air: 24C (75.2F)
Water: 21C (69.8F)
Suits: 5mm one piece + hood

After enjoying the dynamic landscapes aroudn the Kuroshima Island, we moved to Gishippu, where we can almost always gurantee showing you Sea Turtles.
The turtles we see commonly here are Green Sea Turtles, a little bit of Red Sea Turtles, and Hawksbill Sea Turtles.



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