Some pictures from “Golden Week” – May diving in Okinawa

Hello there,

Here are some pictures from our diving trips during the Golden Week.
From the last week of April to the first week of May, there is a long holidays in Japan, when we welcome the first big wave of divers from mainland Japan.

Unfortunately, Okinawa got into the raining season early this year, which started during the golden week – but all in all, the condition was good, we were able to dive various dive sites with our boats, Swift and B-Flap.

Some dives were at dynamic underwater landscapes…. with some drift dives.

We had a few days going out with ‘Premier Cruise Plan’ with our catamaran boat, B-Flap.
Matt had his 100th dive this time!! Congratulation Matt, and thank you very much for visiting us every year!

We saw sea turtles, lots of Nudibranch …..

Many fish and Many smiles!

Our Bluefield staff are all happy that we had pleasant and safe diving throughout busy Golden Week!




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